The 10 most enjoyable slopes in Salzburger Sportwelt

Which slopes are the most enjoyable is of course very subjective. Besides personal taste and ski level, it also depends on the weather, crowds, and snow conditions on the day you’re there. I do want to recommend a number of slopes in Salzburger Sportwelt not to miss. They are grouped by area of the Salzburger Sportwelt.

Snow Space Salzburg Wagrain – Alpendorf

This is the area in between Wagrain and Alpendorf and starts at the Grafenberg directly at Apartment Yako. The downhill runs at both the Wagrain and Alpendorf side are of reasonable length, but most of the slopes in between are not very long. The slopes are very diverse with blue, red and a few black runs. In addition, there is a snow park, a fun slope and several spots where you can measure your speed or time and take a picture or film with your ski pass, which you can view online later. For this you can register your ski pass at Skiline.

My favorites in this area:

1. Vierer Abfahrt, No. 22 (red)

Lifts: Grafenbergbahn, Grafenberg Express 2, or Sesselbahn Hachau

This is one of two downhill runs from the Grafenberg to Wagrain and this is the one with the best views on the village. From the slope you can see Apartment Yako (or at least the roof of Haus Obauer).

Vierer Abfahrt with the view on Wagrain

2. Funslope Wagrain, next to No. 25

Lifts: Sonntagskogel 1 or Sonntagskogel 2

My son made me put this one in this list. It is a very cool fun-slope with about 30 elements such as waves, banked corners, a tunnel, jumps and boxes. Not just fun for kids.

Funslope Wagrain

3. Buchau abfahrt, No. 34a and 34 (red)

Lifts: Bachaubahn, Strassalmbahn or Obergassalmbahn

Fairly steep descent through the forest on the side of Alpendorf.

Buchau abfahrt

Snow Space Salzburg Flachau – Grieβenkareck

The mountain between Wagrain and Flachau is the Grieβenkareck. You get there from the Grafenberg with the G-link or you go directly with the ski bus from Apartment Yako to the valley station of the Flying Mozart. Here you will find mainly wide red slopes that go through the forest, except for the upper part. Especially on the side of Flachau they are all a bit the same, but that is not really a bad thing because it is very nice skiing. My favorite slope on this mountain is on the side of Wagrain and that is:

4. Abfahrt rote Acht, No. 12 (red) and 11 (blue)

Lifts: Rote 8er Gondel 2, Flying Mozart 2, or Starjet 3

This is a nice long run through the woods. The only flaw in this piste is the number. A red piste to the valley station of the Rote Acht should also be the red 8. Now you take the red 12 to the red 8. This is weird.

Abfarht Rote Acht


The ski area between Kleinarl and Flachauwinkle is called Shuttleberg. The mountain on which you ski is actually the Mooskopf, but the lifts are all named ‘Shuttles’. You can get there from the Grieβenkareck with the Panorama link that starts just below the top station of the Flying Mozart. The Shuttleberg is all about fun. Of course there are ‘normal’ slopes, but the different parts of the Absolute Park that are spread over the mountain and the other special slopes are the biggest attraction. In addition, there are also a number of enjoyable, but not too long, ski trails. On Shuttleberg, the slopes don’t have numbers, just names, and that also contributes to the playful nature of the area.

My favorites in this area:

5. Family Trail (ski trail)

Lift: Family Shuttle

The ski trail under the Family Shuttle is one of the longer trails on Shuttleberg. Especially with fresh snow, this is great skiing.

Family Run with fresh snow

6. Powder piste (red)

Lifts: Powder Shuttle or Bubble Shuttle

This slope is actually in this list because of the elements of the Absolute Park that are next to it. From the Powder Shuttle, you go directly to the right through the gate and over a couple of small kickers to make your first jumps. In some years they also line up a box or something else there. Straight ahead over a somewhat steeper section and then on the. After a short stretch over the slope you can then go to the left to take small some boxes and kickers. Then back to the slope for a final sprint to the Powder Shuttle and up to do it again.

7. Family Run (blue)

Lifts: Powder Shuttle, Bubble Shuttle, Lumberjack Shuttle, or Panorama Link

These are actually two very long slopes that each run all the way down on both sides of the mountain. They are great for the whole family. The route is marked by a lion and along the way you will pass stations with other animal figures. You may want to stamp a (digital) stamp card at the stations for a goodie. See the website of the Shuttleberg for this. 


This is the highest part of the Salzburger Sportwelt and also the area with the most challenging slopes. You get there by skiing from the Shuttleberg all the way down to the ground station of the Sunshine shuttle. From there, a bus will bring you in a few minutes under the highway to the Highliner lifts that will take you on the Roβkopf from which you descend on the other side to Zauchensee.

8. Gamskogel Ostabfahrt, No. 9 (blue)

Lift: Schwarzwandbahn

Beautiful long run with stunning views. The only downside of this slope is the old gondola to the top of the Gamskogel. Not all types of skis fit well in it (twintips, too wide), but this slope makes up for the hassle with the gondola.

9. Gamskogel Weltcup abfahrt, No. 5 (red) + No. 5a (red)

Lifts: Gamskogelbahn II or Schwarzwandbahn

A challenging and in a few spots fairly steep descent from the highest point of the Salzburger Sportwelt.

10. Tauernkar, No.10 (black)

Lift: Tauernkarbahn

The longest black run in Salzburger Sportwelt. It is not very difficult and could have been red, but it is a lot of fun.